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Books about Data Marketing

Data marketing is a kind of direct marketing that many have carried on for so long. However, just like with other fields of human endeavor changes occur and, there is the need to adapt to such changes to deliver a more effective means of marketing. So below are five books to read in helping you achieve just that.

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What is e-commerce?

Also known as electronic commerce and by the abbreviation EC, e-commerce involves the buying as well as the selling of commodities including services primarily via the internet. It draws on technologies like mobile commerce, internet marketing and online transaction processing to name a few.

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The subsea view of an underwater pipeline

Why LNG transportation will always need environment impact assessments ?

Liquid natural gaz (LNG) transfer pipeline is cost-effective for the impact on the Environment. Many companies such as Greengage, Total or ITP (INTERPIPE) have been working on impact assessments because of public opposition, safety, security and environmental concerns. Pipeline innovators like ITP are working on building environmental friendly solutions to allow transportation of liquid gas.  Continue reading