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My name is Robert, I am 65 years old and I manage an expert consulting firm in Birmingham related to the construction industry, furniture and industry. I had the opportunity to consult several times for large companies and my job is very demanding but I love it!

As you probably know, working in a company often requires working with others. Either they are colleagues, suppliers or providers, being part of a company entails communication and understanding. Whatever the area of expertise, we are always looking in making new relationships and expanding our contacts.

And it is precisely to help other entrepreneurs that I decided to start this blog. Sharing information, advice, news, tips and tricks related to business is what I believe can make people thrive.

But publishing information is one thing, building a community is another and without your participation, collaboration and help, even the best blog in the world won’t go far. So let’s start together. Contact me if you have articles, ideas, suggestions, reviews or inquiries you wish to share by filling out my form on the contact page.

Changing the business world together on myconstructiontips.com 

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