Steel structures give free rein to all of your desires

For your construction, choose the steel frame

Steel construction has been used for decades in the construction industry. It came back into fashion in recent years. It resembles the timber framing system, but has many differences. A brief overview…

Similar to timber framing

The building techniques are the same as with timber framing. Insulators are placed between each stud and are lined with plasterboard. This way you can choose any finish you want:paint, plaster, wall covering, or concrete block, for instance.

Architectural freedom

This model has long been used in commercial buildings due to its rapid implementation and modularity.

The metal frame is renowned for allowing greater architectural freedom. Having no bearing wall, you can build anything you want—the only limit is your imagination! In addition, building extensions are very simple to make.

Steel structures give free rein to all of your desires

Steel structures give free rein to all of your desires

Financial benefit

By choosing the steel frame, you will save about 10% on materials compared to traditional construction methods.

Since it is very light, you can reduce the foundations to reinforced concrete pads and opt for thin walls that will give you an isolation that is similar to that of traditional walls.

The lightness of the structure also reduces transportation costs.

Another advantage is that the frame is strong, stable, and durable. No more cracking problems!

Respect for the environment

Due to the absence of thermal inertia, these buildings are very quick to heat. With an efficient energy and acoustic insulation, you’ll get a comfortable, economical, and environmentally friendly building.

Steel is also completely recyclable and, unlike wood, does not require any chemical treatment.

You will also avoid the drying time and the accumulation of waste on the building site.

One thought on “For your construction, choose the steel frame

  1. Steel frames is the best way to build fast and strong. You can use other materials but it’s just not as efficient. I use galvinized steel sheets which is roll-formed. Suprisingly enough, the steel framing is more energy efficient than wood since you can put insulation into the studs. So for me, steel frames is the way to go.

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