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On June 12 & 13, 2018, thousands of attendees will convene for the Big Data Toronto Conference & Expo where you can take informations on and its much-anticipated AI Startup Battle. Recognizing the most successful and innovative AI startups across Canada, the Battle is a uniquely exciting event showcasing cutting-edge technology you won’t want to miss.

AI startup battle

AI and Startup

The Concept

At the AI Startup Battle, we recognize the game-changers, the innovators, the companies who are pushing the limits of the latest technology. At Big Data Toronto, we’re gathering Canada’s best AI startups to compete in a truly unique event you don’t want to miss. You’ll experience first-hand the innovation, disruption, and cutting-edge technology that the top startups in AI are using today.

What would this Battle bring to your company ?

We warmly invite you to apply to this exciting event hosted by Big Data Toronto, Canada’s premier big data and analytics conference and expo.

Competitors will be selected based on their successes and innovations in their applications of AI to real-world problems. At the Battle, the contenders will pitch their ideas on stage, get feedback from leading experts, make connections at the conference, and give their startup unique exposure among a highly distinguished audience. The event is a place for both teaching and learning, and with over 4000 attendees, you’re sure to make important connections and gain crucial insights to better guide your company.

Be sure to stay tuned for the latest news on the best and brightest of today’s AI startups, revolutionizing the possibilities of technology and the way we live. Join the e-mail community of AI Toronto 2018 to keep updated as we announce further details on this cutting-edge competition.

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