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Opening a gallery of modern art requires the artist to follow certain administrative and legal protocols such as the acquisition of licences and registering with the existing regulatory bodies.

Ask about administrative procedures and legal status

If one is not conversant with the legal and administrative requirements of opening an art gallery in a given locality, it is advisable to seek the advice of experts, as assumptions can be extremely detrimental.


Open an art gallery is not easy.

Make sure you have the required skills and a strong network

Just like any other business, a gallery of modern art can only thrive if the operators conduct the right PR and marketing to gain working connections. Social media provides one of the most lucrative avenues of gaining connections and marketing an art gallery (learn more here). Artists can reach many art lovers or other artists through online platforms such as Pinterest, Deviant Art, Facebook and Twitter.

Sit in a big city

Large cities promise more returns to art gallery operators, as they are likely to harbour more art lovers and enthusiasts than smaller towns. Cities are more diverse compared to rural towns, and it is more liable to find many people who appreciate art in the major cities than it is in rural towns. Advertising is also more effective in big cities compared to smaller towns.

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