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Data marketing is a kind of direct marketing that many have carried on for so long. However, just like with other fields of human endeavor changes occur and, there is the need to adapt to such changes to deliver a more effective means of marketing. So below are five books to read in helping you achieve just that.

Julien Hirth’s Data Marketing

Read Juien Hirth’s 294-page book titled Le Data Marketing (French). It examines current methods as well as the various marketing approaches to use in taking advantage of the tremendous data influx of today. You can read English translation of the soft copy of this book online.

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Social Network Marketing, Loukouman Amidou

Loukouman Amidou’s 300 page 2nd edition book titled Marketing des réseaux sociaux (French) or Social Network Marketing in English is all about how to use social media efficiently to advance your business.

Connected Commerce: How Digital Revolutionizes the Point of Sale by Vincent Druguet and Jean-Baptiste Vallet

This book also written in French forces the reader to rethink selling strategies for his/her point(s) of sale thereby creating a « smart » store. It provides you with good practices for adapting your business to the digital world.

The Google Method by Jeff Jarvis

Known more by its rider: « What Would Google Do? » than by its title, The Google Method is a 426-page book that identifies Google’s strategies for success in the digital age and why others should study and probably copy same.

Digital Marketing, by Cindy Dorkenoo

Cindy Dorkenoo’s book provides you with a resource for creating a successful digital strategy for acquiring, converting as well as retaining your customers. It includes more than 80 practical tips.

Meeting of Data Marketing Professionals at Data Marketing Toronto

Come November 20-21, 2018 another Data Marketing Toronto conference and exhibition will hold at Hyatt Regency Toronto. The theme for this 2018 edition is Making Marketing Magic with Data Insights. Please save this date!

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